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  some remarks
This commercial CD was released by a company called AudioStrobe.
This company releases CD’s with some extras.
For more information: click here.
Because the CD-version is out of stock, you can order Compassion as mp3 only.
More information on the contact-page.

Underneath you will find information about the six tracks of ‘Compassion’. All of them differ from the ones on the other CD’s. All songs come with one or even two mp3-demos (80 kbps).
On the AudioStrobe-website there are more mp3-demos (somewhat different from the ones on this page), and some information about the CD.


very relaxing, with a lot of nature-sounds
track name length details
1 Whaling 14:48 an hommage to those lovely beings in the oceans, who are still singing their moving songs – the whales / after a somewhat melancholy start, four other themes follow, with various instruments, always accompanied by the singing whales and the sound of a surf; at the end: oboe and whales sing together...
2 Rebirth 07:49 very nice and relaxing melodies with flute, choir, strings and piano; the last part begins very soft, with choir, later on strings also and notoriously flute ánd the beautiful singing of a wren
3 Grace 05:54 intriguing synth-sounds make a mysterious intro, followed by a quiet theme with some rhythm; the main part consists of easy- listening melodies with strings, guitar, flutes (two of them) and at the end a harp
4 Compassion 15:05 in this song quite a lot of different atmospheres, like a wide sound-tapestry with overtones, or a somewhat exotical kind of mouth- harp together with some rhythm and very thin singing, or a stormy part with thunderstorm and rain, and a beautiful theme at the end, where a flute takes you to paradise...
5 Peace 10:58 starts full of expectation, fulfilled by the calming sounds of flowing water, stimulating arpeggios and a peaceful melody; a feminine calling is answered by uplifting themes, with various instruments
6 Reunion 13:13 several powerful parts as well as softer ones; at the start a firm rhythm, later on more quiet music, with appealing sounds from nature: melting ice, flowing water (with very nice harp-glissando’s!), dolphins and sea- gulls
total time 67:50  
mp3-demo1 01:24 part of track 1, Whaling
mp3-demo2 01:26 part of track 2, Rebirth
mp3-demo3 01:56 part of track 3, Grace
mp3-demo4 01:12 part of track 4, Compassion
mp3-demo5 01:41 part of track 4, Compassion
mp3-demo6 02:26 part of track 5, Peace
mp3-demo7 01:18 part of track 6, Reunion
mp3-demo8 01:40 part of track 6, Reunion
  remark: if you want to download some mp3-demo’s, please click here: you get the same CD-page, but now with the possibility to download mp3-demo’s (right-click a demo once, choose ‘save as’ and save the file to a self-chosen folder on your computer)

some extras
As you can read with more details on their
site, the special AudioStrobe-technique makes it possble to experience the effect of combining music and light-pulses. Not only the music is stored in the mp3 but also the corresponding optical signals. These signals are transferred to the light glasses using light emitting diodes via a special decoder. The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances. The effect is amazing! Before your inner eye unfolds a world of fantastic colors and figures moving in harmony with the changing melodies of the music.

Of course you can play the mp3, and enjoy the music as usual; you can always buy the decoder and light glasses later on.

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