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Below you find a survey with all pages of the english version of this site.


  common pages        
home – start-page; choice between art and music; link to dutch version
contact – info about ordering & delivering, contact and newsletter
news – new on site, exhibition Christina, newsletter, offers etc.
links – art, music, spirituality and miscellaneous
site-help – this page

  picture art   picture music  
art-page1 – Christina and her artwork
music-page1 – Peter and his music
monoprints – monoprints, with slideshow
CDs – CDs, with mp3-demos
code-list – dimensions and price monoprints
CD Compassion – about the AudioStrobe-CD
oil-pastels – oil-pastel-paintings, with slideshow
Sound & Colour – project exploring the relation between sound and colour
oil-paintings – oil-paint: paintings

Video & Music – a survey
diaries – diaries decorated with oil-paint
art cards – art cards from paintings and one embroidery
book-markers & posters – book-markers and posters from paintings
embroideries – embroideries, with 2 slideshows

Below there are some tips you might find useful.

tip1     at the bottom of the home-page there are two rows of link-pictures: clicking on the ones above brings you directly to the art-pages (from left to right: monoprints, oil-pastels, oil-paintings, diaries, art-cards, book-markers & posters and embroideries), clicking on the second row-pictures brings you to the relevant CD on the CD-page  
tip2     at the bottom of each page*) you find several links:
- on each art-page there are links to the other artpages, and to home, contact, links and site-help
- on each music-page there are links to the other music-pages, and to home, contact, links, and site-help
- on the common pages (except: home) there are links to each other, and to all art- and music-pages
    *) except the code-list  
tip3     - you can visit the news-page only from the home-page and site-help
- from the news-page you can go to all other pages
tip4     from an art-page to a music-page (or the other way round) you come via the common pages home, contact, links, news or site-help  

art-page1 / monoprints / oil-pastels / oil-paintings / diaries / art cards / book-markers & posters / embroideries
music-page1 / CDs / Sound & Colour
home / contact / links