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new music-project: SOUND & COLOUR

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plaatje Sound & Colour
Some years ago a friend asks Peter whether he would like to create music corresponding to the basic colours. After thinking about it, Peter does some research on the web for such a relation. Finding nothing convincing, he decides to find out fir himself.
More on the project-page, Sound & Colour.
plaatje Book-markers
You can now order also book-markers with paintings from Christina. For pictures and pricing click here.
plaatje Posters
Besides artcards with work from Christina you can buy also posters. Examples here.
new CD
A new unicorner-CD at last! Go to the CD- page, read the info and listen to the demos.
picture Mp3-versions
Now you can order mp3-versions of all eleven unicorner-CDs. It’s cheaper: you pay 3,50 euro each in stead of 5 euro for a disc, and no shipping costs. The quality is excellent: 320 kbps. The mp3-version of the CD Compassion doesn’t contain the light-code. When you buy ten CDs as mp3, you get #11 as mp3 for free. The mp3-folders are sent as zip via WeTransfer.com. Please order on the contact-page.
Free CD
Apart from listening to the many unicorner-demos on the CD- page you can now order a free demo-CD as mp3-download. Each of the first ten unicorner-CDs is represented by two different track-parts, with a length of about 3 min. Please order this free CD-download on the contact- page.
normal CD
Now you have the possibility to choose the option of goldlayer CDs (home-burned CDs only, limited number in stock). These discs have a far greater durability. They cost only 1 euro more.
goldlayer CD
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