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Christina Barthel

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the artist
Already as a kid I used to draw flowers and beautiful dressed women. Later on I switched to embroidering. After making wall-embroideries for about eight years, I switched again to drawing and painting. After a short course in fogging, I took a training in ‘Artistic Assistance’ for two years by Robert van de Togt. After that I painted for seven years with several techniques, coached by Jan de Kok.


Christina monoprinting
One of these techniques was painting with oil-pastels. This turned out to have a profound impact on my own process.
Till now I made a dozen oil-paintings; recently I started decorating diaries with oil-paint - I like doing that!
Another technique I like is the so called monoprint; on such a print I draw with coloured pencils. Click on one of the pictures for three foto’s showing more details.
Sometimes I also use the encaustic art-technique.





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Some of the wall-embroideries I made have a symbolic nature, like the chakra-embroideries; others have more natural images.
Creating the oil-pastels I worked more intuitively: I let come what emerged at that moment.
When I look at a monoprint and I see something in it, the creative process starts. Till now I see and draw many images of women, with or without a child and / or partner. Also angels and hermits, and a lot of trees. Recently I created some landscapes, mostly with one or more figures in it.
With the encaustic art-technique you don’t have much influence on the result, except of course in choosing the colours, and how you use the iron. You find some examples on Peter’s CD-page: he used some encaustic-pictures for creating covers and labels for his CD’s. New: you can now watch a nice slideshow with the ten CD-covers!



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