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  On this page you find some links to sites you may like.

the site of our son, Alexander, who gradually became a professional painter of art. He likes very much painting details. On his site you find pictures of his paintings, also a list of exhibitions.
on this site you find a lot of nice paintings from Hans-Werner Sahm.
in the corners of our web-pages you find pictures of the unicorn. These are scans of two Sunseal-window- decorations, produced by Illumination Mandalas in Australia. Owner Grahame White kindly gave us permission to use these pictures on our site.

AudioStrobe makes it possble to experience the effect of combining music and light-pulses. Not only the music is stored on an ordinary CD but also the corresponding optical signals. These signals are transferred to the light glasses using light emitting diodes via a decoder that can be connected to any CD player. The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances. The effect is amazing! Before your inner eye unfolds a world of fantastic colors and figures moving in harmony with the changing melodies of the music.
On the CD ‘Visions I’ you find the music&light-program ‘Energize’; the music was composed by Peter. Recently the first AudioStrobe-CD with compositions by Peter only, was released: Compassion.
The man behind AudioStrobe is also creating Mind Games, working with the biofeedback-principle. More information on
in his ‘house of miracles’ in France, Dick de Ruiter welcomes holiday-gests, but he also creates CDs for a lot of relaxation-purposes; on some of them you will find music composed by Peter. More details on Dick’s site.
this is the site of the dutch Club for Registration of Sounds of Nature; there is a lot of information about recording sounds from birds and other animals, and examples contributed by members. (only in french!)
January 1991 Ellebore released the CD ‘Les chants secrets des baleines’ Peter has used -with permission granted by the then owner- part of this marvellous CD in composing ‘Whaling’, the first song of de AudioStrobe-CD Compassion; you will not find this CD on the Ellebore-site anymore.

spiritual in general
on this site you will find the two books Gary Renard wrote: The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality. Both books give a very good introduction to the book A Course in Miracles. His third book: Love has forgottem no one is coming soon. A lot of people like the way Gary writes, especially his sense of humor!
on this site you find a nice program named The Journey.
Sensors at three fingertops link you to your computer. Travelling by a beautiful landscape, you learn several techniques to relax. With these techniques and your concentration you are able to test yourself in several ways, for instance aiming and shooting an arrow at a target, or letting rise a bowl (all of this on the computerscreen, but without using the mouse!).
Strongly recommended, not only for adults: kids will like it a lot and maybe do even better!
on this site you will find the almost unbelievable story of the life of Max Alkadrie, and what he does for so many people with the gift that was handed over to him.

on this site you find some nice software, especially the CD-labeling program Discus, for Windows and Macintosh.
on this site you find recent albums with pictures by Peter (notes partly in Dutch - sorry!)
on this site you find a lot of information about Nijmegen, presented in a nice way.
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